Obama’s Fatherhood & Mentoring Initiative at Work in Atlanta

Mar 28th, 2015

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Obama’s Fatherhood & Mentoring Initiative at Work in Atlanta

Courtesy of Bro. S. Earl Wilson

The threat of inclement weather did not stop the Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc., Atlanta Metropolitan Chapters and Project Friendship from gathering over one hundred male youth and parents for a two-day business/entrepreneur showcase and empowerment youth leadership conference this past weekend.

Inspired by President Obama’s initiative, the Omega’s brought Lockheed Martin, Cisco Corporation, International Systems Strategy, Inc, the Georgia National Guard, State Farm Insurance, Safeguard Security, Corporate Plus, an executive search employment agency and other business owners to the Omega World Center in Decatur, Georgia to educate young men and their parents on how to induce male students to be productive citizens and positive future fathers.


The free conference featured U.S. House of Representative, Hank Johnson(D-GA) who challenged the eighth through twelfth grade students to make the right life choices and to take advantage of the areas high tech community college education programs. DeKalb County Chamber of Commerce Chairman, Al Edwards etched in the minds of the students to use their creative genius to start businesses and to be a part of economic growth in their communities.

Thomas Dortch, Jr., CEO, DWT, Inc. took the podium and highlighted the importance of youth securing the entrepreneur spirit in every aspect of their daily lives. The influence of success did not stop there, as Atlanta City Council President, Caesar Mitchell, Major General Robert Johnson, retired U.S. Army lead a panel co-hosted by Anthony Kadris, 2nd-Vice Grand Basileus of the Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc., giving successful steps to being a leader at home, in school, and the community.

Saturday’s luncheon speaker, Gregory Calhoun, CEO, Calhoun Enterprise, a worldwide conglamarent headquartered in Montgomery, Alabama, echoed the voices of the village, giving life lessons on creating a profitable business empire and the importance of serving others. Woody Wilson’s, Senior Manager Aeronautics, Lockheed Martin Science Technology Engineering and Math (STEM) exhibition peek the students’ interest to seek enrollment in programs where high paying jobs are available.

New Tech Corporation owner Sherman Maddox, an engineering company based in Marietta demonstrated environmental protection and electronics employment. Throughout the conference local attorneys, social service agents, municipal juvenile and family court employees along with child advocacy professional’s volunteered counsel on youth relations with law enforcement, child custody rights, relationship building, anger management, protecting family assets and parenting skills.


Empowered by the weekend activities, students, parents and volunteers helped to fill a void that changes lives, mend family relationships thus impacting the future economic growth of the conference attendees and nation.

Remembering the conference theme, “Cultivating Future Fathers”, students and parents are encouraged to look out for future Omega youth leadership conferences that will be scheduled throughout 2015 in the Atlanta metropolitan area.